Family-Owned and operated, Kah Nursery is a premier garden center and landscape contractor servicing the greater Botkins region. Building our reputation and clientele through honest work and word or mouth, we take a great deal of pride in what we do. We love working with the earth, being outdoors and creating a family with our Clients.

Kah Nursery is dedicated to meet our family needs and expectations because at Kah Nursery QUALITY and VALUE mean something.

Our History

In 1948, George and Irene Kah began the nursery with a little more than 8 acres of land, a few plants and a barn. As the business grew, they began to lease land to grow more of their own plants. In 1957, William Baughman was hired. In 1968, Bill purchased 8 acres of land which Bill and George, as partners, decided to use to plant shrubs. Over the years the partnership grew as more land was acquired. In 1984 after George Kah passed away, Bill purchased the nursery from Georges wife, Irene Kah. The nursery has continued to expand over the years with many additions. Kah Nursery is now comprised of nearly 50 acres, five polyhouses, two greenhouses, two shade houses, equipment barns, office, and a year round gift store.

Reliable service with quality results

Offering on-site consultations, we work with you to ensure you receive the right level of care. From the office support staff to our certified landscape technicians, we can tailor our services to suit all your needs.


Bill Baughman



Link to Bills Obituary

William has received most of his education through hard work and experience. Bill’s wife, Paulette, joined him as office manager and assisted until late 2003 when she passed away.

Two of their four sons, Nick and Tom have taken Leadership of the Nursery, continuing their family business. They run the company under their father and use his knowledge to help keep their business running. You can find Bill just about anywhere on the grounds. He likes to drive the gator around and make sure everything is being taken care of. He often walks through the trees doing selective pruning and checking on all the irrigation systems as they run throughout the day.

Nick Baughman

January 1984

Ohio nursery and landscape association master certification

Vice President & Head Designer

Nick Started in 1984. His first interest in the business was sparked by a Vocational Agriculture Class in High School and the Future Farmers of America. He won the Ohio State Nursery Operations Proficiency Award. He then went on to place as runner-up for the Nursery Operations at the National Proficiency Awards in Kansas City. Nick then studied Entomology and Landscape Design at ATI, a branch of Ohio State University. Nick currently manages the Landscape Design staff at Kah Nursery. His divers knowledge of plant production, diseases and pest gives him a well-rounded knowledge of the landscape industry.

Tom Baughman

January 1994

Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association Certified in Landscaping and Garden Center

Vice President & Landscape Supervisor

Being a son to Bill Tom started working at Kah Nursery at an early age and has been working for the company ever since. He helps Nick focus on the company under his dad. Tom Manages the Landscape Department which includes scheduling and installation. He is also the head supervisor of the Landscape Crews. You will see Tom out at the Job Sites working alongside his Crews Teaching and Molding them to become better Landscapers.

DeAnna Baughman

December 2000

Master Certification in Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association

Office Administrator

DeAnna began working for Kah Nursery in 2000. Since then she has acquired her master’s certification from the Ohio Nursery and Landscape Assoication. This Certificate certifies her in Landscaping, Garden Center and Grower. With the arrival of Cory, DeAnna has recently given up most of her design focus although she still will get on a computer and make a design for some of her favorite clients. She has taken up the role of Office Manager and is currently helping Makayla run the Garden Center.

Curtis Washburn

April 2006

Crew Member

Curt has been with Kah Nursery since 2006.  He has over 10 years’ experience in Landscaping. Curt started out working at Manbeck Nursery where he was on Landscape crews there as well. He has learned through example and now he is able to teach the younger and new members of the teams. His hard work and knowledge is now shown in his work.

Curt’s Interest

When Curt isn’t at work or at home he is out and about. You can find Curt in many places whether it is at the Race Track or out in a woods hunting. He enjoys the satisfaction of seeing a satisfied customer. Curt is a personable guy and would be willing to do anything for you just ask.

Curt’s Favorite Plants

Roses of all colors

Makayla Phillips

April 2007

Bachelor in Accounting

Bachelor in Forensic Accounting

Master Gardener Certificate with ONLA

Garden Center Manager

Makayla has just rejoined the team at Kah Nursery in 2016. She is the daughter of Nick and Deanna Baughman and has spent most of her life in the business. Growing up in the business allowed her to learn on the job. She eventually began running Maintenance Crews in the Landscape Division. In 2014 she received her Associates in Business Management as well as obtained her Master Gardener Certificate in 2015 from the ONLA (Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association). She moved onto College where she received her two bachelors in Accounting and Forensic Accounting in 2016. Makayla loves to be around the plants and customers.

Makayla’s interest

Makayla loves going through the different varieties of plants and learning the new ones. She also loves seeing her customers get excited about the plants and enjoys helping them achieve a design they will enjoy. When she is not at work Makayla enjoys her time outside under the sun. She loves to ride her horses, fish, hike, and play with her pet dog Zena. When she is not doing that you can find her at her Catholic Church events participating and volunteering for the various church activities they have.

Makayla’s Favorite Plants


Balloon Flower

Purple Robe Black Locust Tree

José Cruz

May 2012

Bachelor Degree in Secondary Education

5+ Years of Experience

Crew Leader/Crew Member

José has been working for Kah Nursery for the last four years. He worked here for a couple years in the late 2000’s and decided to move on to a different career. That didn’t work out for him and he came back to the Nursery in 2012 and has been here ever since.  José has went to school for a secondary education degree but he can’t get enough of the outdoors. With his 5+ years of experience José has a diverse knowledge of various plants and trees. He has really found a love in hardscape construction and is currently learning and training to become one of Kah Nursery’s best hardscape Crew Members.

José’s Interests

The thing that pleases José the most about working in this company is being able to see the finished project. With his secondary education degree José has really learned how to talk with a client which helps him provide the best experience for them. You can often find him at the end of the day talking with each client he works for and showing them the finished project.

Outside of work José isn’t much different than he is at work. He loves to go out in the world and help others. He loves to be around people and loves that he is able to help people when others are in need.

José’s Favorite Plants

Maple Trees

Ginko Trees

Hydrangeas of all kinds

Greg Gannon

March 2014

Graduate of Tecumseh High School

Still learning at the School of Life

Landscape Foreman

Greg has been with Kah nursery since the spring of 2014. He comes to us from the Dayton area where he graduated at Tecumseh High School and went straight into the green industry. He comes to us with over 41 years of experience in the green industry from Wholesale Growing to Landscaping. He has always had a love of plants and creating a better environment for our customers. Greg started at the age of 16 hoeing Taxus and running inventory for a 1300 acre wholesale nursery. He can tell you almost any Latin Name to almost any Common Name that you ask him about. What makes Greg one of the best is his years of experience as well as his plant Knowledge.

Greg’s Interests

When Greg is not here at the nursery you can find him spending time with his family. In the spring in summer months you can find him at the local venues listening to his favorite musical bands and having a good time. Greg also enjoys traveling, hunting and trapping, and working out on his small garden in the back yard.

Greg hopes to see you in your yard helping you create a better environment for you.

Greg’s Favorite Plants

Tricolor Beech

Cory Otting

June 2015

Bachelor in Landscape Architecture

Assistant Landscape Designer

Cory has recently joined the Kah Nursery Family in 2015. He Graduated High School originally thinking about going to school for Architecture, Cory started his college career at The Ohio State University. One year into school he soon fell in love with landscape design and switched careers graduating with a Bachelor degree in Landscape Architecture in 2015. A few Months later Cory found himself with the Kah Nursery Family and is currently working alongside Nick Baughman designing for residential homes. His love of being outdoors allows him to get his hands dirty by working alongside our landscaping crews. This allows him to help supervise projects to the customer’s satisfaction.

Cory’s Interests

Cory has just gotten married in early 2016 and has begun the next stage of his life. You can often find him out at the local festivals in the area in the summers or out being a normal guy.

He loves to grill and be outside working swimming and just enjoying the weather. He loves to take the time to appreciate nature and how it creates the world around us.

Cory’s Favorite Plants

Quick fire hydrangeas

Butterfly bushes


Riley Snyder

March 2017

Diploma in studio recording and audio engineering

Crew Member

Riley is a new hire in the spring of 2017. He has a diploma in studio recording and audio engineering but he has always had an interest for plants and soil. While he is working on the landscape crew you can find him asking questions trying to learn more about plants and how to identify them. He loves being able to add beauty and character to homes and businesses. Riley has past experiences with salt water corals and freshwater planted aquariums which has begun his interest for nature and life in general.  He loves working with the earth and being outdoors. He finds it very refreshing and loves to be able to put his hands to something and see things grow because of it.

Riley’s Interests

When Riley is not working at the nursery, you can find him attending congregation and leading Midrash studios at Shalom Al Yisraiel at Brookville. You can also find Riley doing charity events with the Mandalorian Mercs Star Wars costume club. When he as some off time from leading Midrash studios and doing Charity events he loves to be outdoors fishing, hiking and camping.

Riley’s Favorite Plants

Weeping Norway Spruce (Each one looks so unique and different)

Paul Goettemoeller

March 2017

Graduate of Ohio State University with a background in Agriculture and Landscaping

Crew Member

Paul is also a new hire of the spring of 2017. Paul comes to us with a degree from Ohio State University with backgrounds in Landscaping and Agriculture. He comes to us with 4 plus years of experience. Paul enjoys working with his hands and being outdoors. He also enjoys being able to provide a great service for customers and mixing in great landscaping along the way. Paul is excited to start his new experience and is happy to be a student of knowledge once more where he hopes to learn more about plant material and other aspects about Landscaping.

Paul’s Interests

When Paul isn’t here at the nursery you can find him being a pretty ordinary guy. In the summer Months you can often find him playing guitar or walking in the gardens. When he isn’t doing that you will find him under his truck or cutting and splitting firewood.

Paul’s Favorite Plants

Any kind of Evergreen plant especially Blue Spruce