Brett joined Kah Nursery in early 2015 where he began working with the landscape crew members. He worked as a crew member until early 2017 when he decided to go another direction in the company. He now works as a garden center associate where he can be found on the grounds pulling plant material for future landscape jobs, trimming and irrigating all plant material at the nursery. When he is not working on something around the nursery grounds you might find him at your house planting a tree that was bought here at the Garden Center. Although Brett only has 3 years of experience his ambition to learn has helped him become a better sales person here at the Garden Center.

Brett’s Interest’s

When Brett isn’t working you can find him probably at home working on his own landscaping around the house. Brett can’t seem to stop his landscaping mind as when he is walking his dogs around town he is checking out everyone else’s landscaping in the area.

Brett’s Favorite Plant’s

Nootka False Cypress

Hot Shot Azalea

Ginkgo Biloba Tree

Overall All kinds of Hydrangeas