Honorio started with the Kah Nursery family in early 2016 where he has been a big help on our Landscape crews. He has been doing gardener work for 30 years and thinks he has found a home with Kah Nursery. With his time here Honorio has found a love for the hardscapes. He enjoys working on patios walkways and wall projects and he has become very good at it. Honorio seems to find himself on all the new jobs whether it is landscaping or hardscapes. Chances are Honorio will be there if you find yourself having the nursery do some work for you. He is a very hard worker and has found a home here at Kah Nursery.

Honorio’s Interests

On his off time you probably would not find Honorio at home. He is always finding new ways to keep himself busy. He has found a passion for working on vehicles. That same passion has spilled into his work here at Kah Nursery and he has done an excellent job at getting our trucks presentable and functioning.

Honorio’s Favorite Plants