José has been working for Kah Nursery for the last four years. He worked here for a couple years in the late 2000’s and decided to move on to a different career. That didn’t work out for him and he came back to the Nursery in 2012 and has been here ever since.  José has went to school for a secondary education degree but he can’t get enough of the outdoors. With his 5+ years of experience José has a diverse knowledge of various plants and trees. He has really found a love in hardscape construction and is currently learning and training to become one of Kah Nursery’s best hardscape Crew Members.

José’s Interests

The thing that pleases José the most about working in this company is being able to see the finished project. With his secondary education degree José has really learned how to talk with a client which helps him provide the best experience for them. You can often find him at the end of the day talking with each client he works for and showing them the finished project.

Outside of work José isn’t much different than he is at work. He loves to go out in the world and help others. He loves to be around people and loves that he is able to help people when others are in need.

José’s Favorite Plants

Maple Trees

Ginko Trees

Hydrangeas of all kinds