Even though Megan has only been here since early 2017 she has really become an important person to the Kah Nursery Family. Megan not only works out on the Garden Center grounds but has shown she is a big help inside the office helping Makayla and DeAnna. Since working here Megan has found that she can learn a new plant and its characteristics every day that she works. She has taken the initiative to learn a variety of plants throughout the time she has been here and is now familiar with many of our plant materials that we carry at the garden center. Her background in the fine arts allows her to appreciate all the colors and beauty of nature. It also allows her to give a different perspective on plant design while talking to customers about what they may want at their homes.

Megan’s Interests

On Megan’s off days you will probably find her out running to train for half marathons. Megan runs many half marathons as well as charity races when she is available to. When she is not out running you can find Megan spending time with her family. She also is very involved with her faith and joins Riley at their local congregation.

Megan’s Favorite Plants



Katsura Japonica