Riley is a new hire in the spring of 2017. He has a diploma in studio recording and audio engineering but he has always had an interest for plants and soil. While he is working on the landscape crew you can find him asking questions trying to learn more about plants and how to identify them. He loves being able to add beauty and character to homes and businesses. Riley has past experiences with salt water corals and freshwater planted aquariums which has begun his interest for nature and life in general.  He loves working with the earth and being outdoors. He finds it very refreshing and loves to be able to put his hands to something and see things grow because of it.

Riley’s Interests

When Riley is not working at the nursery, you can find him attending congregation and leading Midrash studies at Shalom Al Yisraiel at Brookville. You can also find Riley doing charity events with the Mandalorian Mercs Star Wars costume club. When he as some off time from leading Midrash studies and doing Charity events he loves to be outdoors fishing, hiking and camping.

Riley’s Favorite Plants

Weeping Norway Spruce (Each one looks so unique and different)