Kah Nursery wants to make your landscaping experience as pleasurable as it can be. To help us make this experience as pleasurable as possible we have listed a few things to allow you to know what to expect.

Maintenance Start:

Having some trouble with keeping your Landscape neat and clean? Well Kah Nursery is here to help you out. Call in to speak with one of our three sales/designers for a free estimate on Maintenance.

Initial Contact:

You have already called in and let us know you are looking for some help on your landscaping. One of our three sales/designers either would have already talked to you from your initial call or they will be returning your call within a few days.

At this point our sales/designer will set up a meeting with you at your home so that we can find out what is expected of us and which areas of the landscaping you would like done.

If you would like to make start your initial contact process please click here or give our office a call at (937)596-6206.

Initial Meeting:

Your sales/designer will already have your address and phone numbers from your initial contact. The sales/designer will meet you at your home to start the first initial meeting. This is where the sales/designer will meet with you to go over what kind of design you would like to have done. After taking a look at the scope of the project that is desired he or she begin to do necessary measurements and begin to create a Customer Proposal for you.


After the initial meeting our designer will take the measurements and photos back to the office where he or she will begin creating your maintenance estimate. The sales/designer will then send you a Customer Proposal back to you, either through the mail or by email.

Acceptance or new revision:  

After reviewing the Customer Proposal you may contact the sales designer to let him know what you would like to do. The sales/designer left you with his or her contact information in which you would call or email that designer to let them know. If our sales/designer happens to be out meeting with another customer they will return your call as soon as possible.

Project Preparation:

Before your scheduled start date your Designer, Project Manager, and Crew Foreman will be communicating with you letting you know about any delays or problems that may have arising since the scheduling process has started. Your sales/designer may bring the crew foreman by to look over the job. The designer will do a walk through with the foreman to make sure everything is clear and understood.

Project Day:

Your Scheduled start date is here. Our Designer/Project Manager and the Crew Foreman will load up and head to your property. We make every effort to make the Maintenance process as clean and as painless for you as possible. We also make every effort to make sure the jobsite is safe and tidy at the end of each day we are there.

Project Completion:

When your Landscape Project has been completed our Office will then take a look at and proceed to an invoice. We will then send you an invoice through the mail. You will also be able to stay in touch with your designer about any issues that may need fixed or any additional plant information help that you may need.